Update 1/14/19: Twist of fate !! Mike Wallace Has His New Kidney, But Now, His Donor's Wife Needs One ASAP.....PLEASE Click Here for Taren's Page
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Both Mike and Steve share a common interest; motorcycles. They will soon ride together ! 

 The article below appeared in the 1/7/16 edition of the Republican American. Thank you, Bud Wilkinson for all your help !! Thanks also to Jeff Zeiner, WZBG and Cable 5 News for his constant updates ! Thanks also to Torrington's Register Citizen for their fund raising announcement.
 The article below appeared in today's Republican American. (1/1/16)Thank you Bud Wilkinson for all your work and for your excellent and compassionate reporting. Most importantly, thank you for helping to save our son's life !!! Jack & Jean Wallace
Mike Wallace, 1982 Lewis S Mills graduate and owner of Torrington’s Southworths’Discount Furniture, suffered kidney failure several years ago, has been on dialysis for nearly 3 years, and was in urgent need of a donor.

After some “near misses”, a gentleman..a living angel...an unbelievable human being... named Steve Rylander, came in to Mike’s store and asked to speak with him in private. Steve announced that he wanted  to be Mike’s donor, had already completed all tests at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and was “ready to go” !

Mike’s prayers, and all those of his friends and family had been answered ! Surgery is scheduled for January, 2016. Thank you to all who sent your prayers, your support, and have spread the word over the last 5 months. There are no words to express the gratitute that Mike and his family feel at this moment.

Now comes the reality of the financial burden associated with such a major surgery. Mike’s friends and family have established a fund raising website to help Mike with the estimated $20,000 in out-of-pocket costs, just during 2016. Thankfully, the donor's surgery, drugs, checkups, and all medical costs are fully covered by the hospital. While Steve has asked for nothing, he will lose some wages due to being out of work during his recovery time. Mike intends to help him recover some of that loss.
Please help Mike recover, both physically and financially. Please go to:

Steve Rylander, life saver !! "We can make this world a better place, one person at a time".

 About STEVE RYLANDER, Mike's Donor, in his own words: "Hi Jack, I was born in Torrington. I have two older brothers, one younger brother and two younger sisters, so six of us all together.

I have been an avid motorcyclist since the age of 12 when my uncle taught me how to ride a 250 BSA (British Motorcycle). I never looked back. Got my motorcycle endorsement when I was sixteen. That's pretty much my hobby, riding and working on motorcycles.
My parents always taught me from a very young age that it isn't always about you, yourself as a person as some other people always have it worse then you, and you should look to those people who need help.

My parents as most parents do sacrificed a lot of themselves for us and I always saw that. So I guess in just in me its my nature. I needed to try to help Mike. I have been blessed throughout my life with firstly good health and other worldly gifts that yes some I prayed for and a lot of things I did not pray for, just fortunate.

I have four healthy grown children. Steve, the oldest, Caitlin and Cassie....they are twins! And then there is Seth. Sometimes in my quiet moments I almost cry quietly because I am so proud of all of them, what great men and women they all are and how kind and giving they are as well.

I have seven grand children and one on the way!

So I see Mike's write up in the Register Citizen and it was strange. No other thought process entered my mind. I just knew I was going to make that initial phone call to see if I could possibly be a donor match and help Mike to get healthy again. I thought, well it probably won't work out, but I'll give it my best shot.

After the initial screening I was invited down to Yale New Haven and here we are today on the cusp of getting the transplant done and get Mike's health back to where he can survive and enjoy his life once again.

I heard someone say "We can make this world a better place one person at a time". I thought it was kind of corny....maybe impossible. But if one person sees you helping out another person, we just have to pray that will be contagious. Maybe in their quiet moments, they will see that this is the way we, as humans, are truly meant to be. Not to kill one another, be mean to each other or to be jealous of one another and pick each other apart.

I am only human and catch myself being at fault for one of the above mentioned faults. Then I feel guilty and pray that I don't do it again! At least I try to be the best that I can be."......and Steve, you ARE the best !!!!

Thank you, Steve ! My cat and I owe you the world !!
 The information below is the initial website used, as we started our search for a donor.......................

 Website designed and produced by Mike's dad, Jack Wallace......July 2015


 My name is Jack Wallace. I have created this web site on behalf of our son, Mike, who, after nearly 3 years on dialysis is now in urgent need of a kidney. Please consider becoming a donor for Mike, asap. Simply call the Yale-New Haven Hospital Donor Hotline at 866..925..3879 and let them know that you are inquiring about becoming a donor for Michael Wallace, Torrington. Please note that your call is completely confidential. All testing costs and more, are covered by the hospital. Without a new kidney, we will lose Mike. Please come forward. Please share this site and its link, to all you know, and we ask for your prayers everyday. Thank you.

Here is an update (11/22/15) to Mike's story, with a most unique twist, beautifully written by Bud Wilkinson, Republican-American newspaper. Thank you, Bud !


 And this nice story below, most of which aired on WZBG via Jeff Zeiner. Thank you WZBG !!! Jeff also updated his story with the Tim Sparks attempt to donate.
Long-Time Torrington Business Owner in Need of Kidney Transplant
Mike Wallace, owner of Southworths' Furniture, suffered kidney failure several years ago, and is now in urgent need of a donor. In spite of his daily requirement to be on dialysis, Mike has continued to run his business every day, until a few months ago when he suffered a series of setbacks. He has recovered from those and is back running the business, but reality has set in. Now, he is asking for someone to come forward, donate their kidney, and ultimately save his life. If a person would like to be a donor, they must first be tested to see if they are a match. It's a simple matter of a phone call, completing a questionnaire by phone or email, and then taking a blood test locally. Yale-New Haven Hospital's Transplant unit handles all the details and it is absolutely confidential. There is no cost to the donor. The phone number at Yale is 866..925..3897. The person simply states that they would like to be considered a donor for Michael Wallace, who is enrolled in the YNH transplant program..  

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